Korn's video for 'Never Never' finds the band members, including prodigal son guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, attempting to bend time and space.

It's a performance clip that finds frontman Jonathan Davis, bassist Fieldy and other guitarist Munky jumping and performing in slow motion, while drummer Ray Luzier is subject to some forces against his body. It furthers the idea that you can be in a constant state of motion but never make any forward progress.

We're speaking specifically of the footage, not of Korn's music, especially since this song is the most melancholy we've heard the band sound in ages.

There's also a fierce femme fatale cloaked in black and topped with horns who spins on a clock and seems to exert some sort of unseen and not easily understood control, influence and power over the Bakersfield boys.

The promo also includes lots of tattoos and dreadlocks, shattered instruments, and plenty of other shards swirling around in the atmosphere. The imagery mirrors the messiness of life that is addressed in the lyrics and there is an overall gray cast to the footage.

'Never Never' is featured on Korn's upcoming disc, 'The Paradigm Shift,' due Oct. 8.