In 1981, a good three years before 'This Is Spinal Tap' lampooned the idea of making ponderous, overblown metal songs about ancient times, KISS dropped '(Music From) The Elder.' It was a medieval concept album that was to spawn an accompanying film, and while the movie was never made, a British filmmaker is hoping to give Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's most notorious record the big-screen treatment. In 2006, Q Magazine ranked '(Music From) The Elder' #44 on its 'The 50 Worst Albums Ever!' list. The album's sales were so poor upon its release, that KISS didn't even support it with a tour.

As reports, musician, writer and indie director Seb Hunter recently revealed to Sweden's 'Metalshrine' that he's interested in making a "low-budget, high-concept film which will appeal to everybody."

"I've decided to reset it as a kinda post-apocalyptic road movie, but with all the signifies in place and the characters are the same and the general narrative is the same or at least what we know of it," Hunter said. "It basically tells the same story and, of course, it's an old story with a boy on a quest and the story of good and evil."

Before Hunter can move forward, he'll need to get secure financing. He's hoping KISS fans will underwrite the effort, though he acknowledges the possibility the band will sue.

"We're potentially reactivating some long-dead part of their catalog in an incredible new way," Hunter said, explaining why he feels notoriously litigious Simmons should keep his lawyers at bay. "We're doing it respectfully and we'd love their authorization. I'm hoping they'll be able to see the potential in it."

While 'Elder' super fans -- should any exist -- await the film, they can look forward to 'Music From the Elder: The Unauthorized Story of the Most Spectacular Failure in the History of Kiss,' book due out in the spring.

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