Yesterday we posted a gallery of some of the strangest KISS merchandise items we've ever come across. Now we've just learned, from our friends at Blabbermouth, that a toy company will be issuing a new set of action figures based on the original KISS dolls from the late '70s.

"I never understood why 8-inch KISS action figures were not produced back in the 1970s when the Mego toy company had already released the 12-inch versions," said Figures Toy Company CFO Anthony Balasco about the new dolls, which will be released in March.

Each 8-inch KISS action figure will come with a mini replica of their classic 'Love Gun' album cover, and the 12-inch dolls comes with 1 of 4 retro mini KISS concert T-shirts. You know you want one!

Check out the new KISS action figures below: