Conceived and created by frontman Lane Steele in 2010, the Los Angeles based groove metal outfit Kauze recently finished tracking material for their first full-length album titled The Rise to Power, slated for a mid 2013 release. They also recorded a kickass new video for the song "12 Rounds," which you can see below.

The album was recorded at Temple Studios and also features, in addition to Steele and Guitarist/co-songwriter Jason Williams, DevilDriver's John Boecklin handling the drum duties.

This is band that feels like it's just about ready to break, so Noisecreep caught up with founder Lane Steel.

Lane, first up congrats on the new video.

Thanks, man. We got a lot of bang for buck out of that. it was the end of the album recording sessions and that was kind of a celebratory production. It was fun to set the amp's up once more to rock out and celebrate that the process was finally over.

What can you share about the upcoming new album?

It's a heavy, brutal record - the heaviest record we've ever made. The production values have grown leaps and bounds, way beyond. I would say this is a very real, honest, raw, not programmed or manufactured, genuine, modern heavy metal record. It should be released sometime this summer and right now we'll continue playing live. We'll be doing another music video, for the song 'Mental Decay' in the next month and a half.

Watch '12 Rounds' Video

Lane what did you grow up listening to?

I liked the Offspring and Rob Zombie. And of course the meat and potatoes of metal - you Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and Black Sabbath was probably my favorite band.

Was there a first live show that inspired you?

Absolutely. It was in high school after I had moved to Orange County, Calif. from the state of Washington. I was really into Pantera then and so Superjoint Ritual came to town which featured Phil Anselmo. I was 17 years old and I saw the show it blew me away. Superjoint was the thing that changed the way I look at music for the rest my life. And Strapping Young Lad opened up. They were amazing, too. We played with Testament recently and backstage, and I tried to explain the drummer Gene Hoglan, who played for Strapping back then, how that show changed my life. I told him how they pushed me to push myself. He told me he thought that was very cool.

Pre-Order Kauze's The Rise to Power album at this link.