Vocalist Maurizio Iacono has the death metal sound on lock down with Kataklysm, his main band. But the Canadian growler is flexing his creative muscles in a new project, dubbed Ex Deo. Ex Deo – Latin for "From God" - is based around the legends of Roman warriors Romulus and Remus, who were reportedly fathered by Mars, the god of war. It's also a way for Iacono to celebrate his Italian heritage through the vehicle of music.

"it was the Romans who invented crucifixion! How metal is that?"

Iacono told Noisecreep that after many years of debating within himself over when would be the "right time" and whether or not he had it in him to attack to such a project, he decided to just take a stab at it. "Ex Deo is band that gives honor to the ancient spirit and glory of Rome," Iacono says. "I [am of] Roman descent in my family and both my parents were born in Italy. Our family and people's history are really important to me. They always talked about the history of the world with me and how the Roman people contributed to so many things we see around us."Iacono confirms that Kataklysm remains his first love. "Playing in a death metal band has been great and Kataklysm is my life and gave me so much," he admits. "Kataklysm is more of my social dysfunction band, where the blue-collar, everyday life and inner struggles are put into brutal music." He describes Ex Deo as antithesis to that, as the "epic nemesis, a dark, melodic, barbaric and gut-wrenching band that brings you back to a time where the gods walked the earth."

Furthermore, he promises that Ex Deo's debut album 'Romulus' (Nuclear Blast Records) will turn heads in the metal world. "Besides," he thoughtfully reminds us, "it was the Romans who invented crucifixion! How metal is that?"