Korn's Jonathan Davis has determined that dubstep is the new nu-metal and if you resist, you're living in the past. "It's like all the purist metal-heads that said we were really rock when we came out," he tells MTV. "Trailblazers of any kind of music are going to get that flack. People are going to want to hold on the past. This is the future; it's the new hip-hop, it's the new metal, it's the new everything."

For Korn's new collaborative dubstep album 'The Path of Totality' dropping on Dec. 6, the band has teamed up with dubstep's current hot shot Skrillex, cred-heavy Noisia, "heavily metal-sounding," "distorted" Excision, and many more. Davis says he felt like they were making 'Follow the Leader' again and fusing hip-hop into the mix, criticism be damned. So, will the fans take it?

Korn has been playing a five-song dubstep set on their current tour, warming the audience up before the album release: "You can tell they were nervous because they think they're not supposed to like it because it's electronic. But then, during the show, they like it. They don't really understand dubstep but then they relate to it because it's heavy and dark but not techno."

It's for your own good, old-schoolers. After 19 years, Davis is tired of "the same s--t." Rock shows leave him "bored to death." Radio is "played out," but "With dance music labels, things are different. They're not pushing you. They want you to be you. They love you for your music and aren't trying to conform for radio or anything else. It's on some punk-rock shit. I love it." Will you?

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