Johnny Booth, hardcore rockers from Long Island, N.Y., are ready to melt your face off. To prove the band's metal mettle, Noisecreep is pleased to offer you an exclusive, free and legal download of the track "Ink and Sky" from the Johnny Booth debut Connections. "Ink and Sky" features Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me.

"The track 'Ink and Sky' was actually written in the studio at the time I was dealing with some personal medical problems and I think that's what a lot of the song is about," Johnny Booth frontman Andrew Herman tells Noisecreep. "Not just the affects of my physical body deteriorating but also my mental state breaking down under the stress of everything going on in my life. When Tommy Rogers from Between the Buried and Me came forward and asked to be a part of the album, I actually re-worked the whole ending of the song so it would better suit two vocalists.

"Tommy also came in and changed around the patterns and worked with me on it and I couldn't be more happy with it. Even though this song is about a somewhat depressing subject matter for me, working with Tommy on this really made it a special experience. After writing 'Ink and Sky' and re-working it with Tommy, it convinced me to stop feeling sorry for myself and start taking my recovery a lot more seriously. This song definitely marks a huge turning point in my life: trying to go from a bitter person to an adult, understanding that life isn't fair and sometimes you've just got to man up and deal with your problems."

Check out Johnny Booth's "Ink and Sky" below!

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Connections is available now via Hotfoot Records. Johnny Booth will play the Gnarstock Festival in East Durham, N.Y. on August 17.