Known as a founding member of metalcore greats Zao, Jesse Smith is keeping busy these days withe a new project.

Jesse Smith & the Holy Ghost finds the drummer front and center, singing and playing guitar, rocking out on some legit hard rock. Smith had walked away from music a few years back in order to deal with his struggle with addiction, so that makes his return all the more special.

"I had big time things I've had to deal with and get a grip on," Smith said. "It's easier to be angry and aggressive when you're younger."

Smith will be releasing a Holy Ghost album in the near future and from the music samples on his official website, we're all in for a kickass record!

To help celebrate his return to music, Noisecreep asked Smith to take part in our 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series.

Mixed Up, The Cure (1990)


"I heard this record for the first time when I was 12-years-old at a friend's house. I remember being fascinated with the sound and style of Robert Smith's voice and the power of his offbeat melodies. "Close to Me" is still one of my favorite songs, 22 years later. This record was definitely a gateway record for me and it made me feel OK to paint my face white and dye my hair black as a kid."

Violator, Depeche Mode (1990)


"I've probably purchased this record four different times. Dave Gahan and Martin Gore are musical and melodic geniuses. This record is a heavy vibe record and its influences are timeless."

Heartwork, Carcass (1993)


"This is my favorite metal record- hands down. With its H. R. Giger cover art and the production of Colin Richardson, this record is perfect to me. I credit a lot to this band as far as modern day metal goes... Jeff Walker was solely responsible for a vocal style that numerous bands went on to have success with."

Distorted Lullabies, Ours (2001)


"Jimmy Gnecco is one of my favorite singers and songwriters of all time. This record has always been there for me in trying times. Beyond his incredible vocal style, the emotions portrayed in the songs are just... mind-blowing. I've had the opportunity to speak with Jimmy at several shows several times...... one of the kindest, most humble artists I've met.... will always make this record that special kind of special."

Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666, HIM (1997)


"I heard this for the first time in 2002. I was blown away by how insanely heavy the sonic and musical textures were along with Ville Vallo's baritone crooning. I had heard other goth-rock bands before, but nothing ever struck me like this. This record shadows the dark and light sides of love, how to write songs from hangovers, and why I have a heartagram tattoo above my tenders..."


Stay tuned for more information on the first release from Jesse Smith & the Holy Ghost and check out some music at this link.