February was one of the snowiest months ever -- with record snowfall dumping on much of the East Coast and the Midwest. For touring bands, those that drive their own vans like Janus, touring can become a treacherous endeavor. But Janus are from Chicago, one of the chilliest, snowiest cities. So they don't fear the white stuff.

"We were in Tennessee, and they don't salt or do anything to the roads because they are not used to it," vocalist David Scotney told Noisecreep. "There was ice, snow and tractor trailers piled up everywhere. We drive in a foot of snow in Chicago and can be on the highway in the matter of a few hours since we're used to it!"

Since the band is driving a self-described "grandma van," which is a conversion vehicle with a trailer hitch, snowy roads are a concern, at least for the two members that actually have to get behind the wheel. Scotney said, "We have an arrangement where we are financing some of the tour support ourselves. And two of us work days jobs from the van, in trade for the other two to do the driving, and they borrow against what we make on the road!" He finished, joking, "We have a weird pyramid scheme where nobody wins."

The band will headline through March before hitting the open road with Halestorm in April and May, continuing to promote 'Red Right Return.'

"When we set out to make the record, one philosophy we had was that any part that brought to the table, if it sounded remotely like any other band, it hit the floor," Scotney said. "Fan reactions, when they hear us, is that they all love 'Eyesore,' and that is how they get introduced to us. The first time they hear it, they are like, 'What is this?' It's not cookie cutter rock."