Jane's Addiction are delving into the world of online dating to provide a somewhat humorous lyric video for their latest single, 'Another Soulmate.'

The band, currently rocking across the country on the Rockstar UPROAR Festival, may have had some extra online surfing time on their hands, which could explain this video. As the lyrics scroll throughout the video, the backdrop provided showcases photos and several online descriptions, pickup lines and conversations for dating sites.

Showing that they're not just targeting random people, the Jane's Addiction members poke a little fun at themselves. In one backdrop, an up close photo of Perry Farrell is captioned, "I've been committed to an asylum, but talked my way out of it." Meanwhile, Dave Navarro's close-up shot offers, "I know every sexual position and like to try them all in one night."

While Perry Farrell has admitted to having a wealth of material for a number of his projects, no firm details have been revealed for the next Jane's Addiction record. So it could be that 'Another Soulmate' is a one-off release targeted perfectly to coincide with their summer touring and giving the band something fresh to play.