Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix admits that cooking is his side hobby and it's something he and bassist Tobin Esperance are both good at.

"I do traditional American-style BBQ and I like to do Thai Basil Chicken and stir fry and I also like a good marinara," the singer tells Noisecreep as our mouths started to water. The vocalist is as jacked about making food as he is being in a band! But he cops to not being able to cook while touring. "I can't cook for myself on the road," he admits. "On days off, I go get a good meal, since half the time, catering blows."

While Shaddix and his guitarist are both foodies, they don't do backyard cookouts during off time. "He lives in LA and I am in Northern California, so everyone does their own thing," Shaddix says. "We're like cockroaches. When you turn the light on, they flee. When tour ends, we go in different directions since spend so much time together on the road." That makes total and perfect sense.

Shaddix is also jazzed about the band's overall performance on 'Metamorphosis,' which the band co-produced, saying, "Going out and touring on 'The Paramour Sessions,' I pushed myself as a vocalist. It gave me a new level of confidence as a rock singer and performer. I can do this. I can sing my ass off now. It feels good. I am not some Pavarotti type, but I am stoked on where I am at." Did you notice he unintentionally quoted Pantera?

As for taking a co-pro credit, he says, "When we work with producers, they don't take the reigns on the record as their project, but when we co-produced, so many more decisions are in our court. That was necessary for us to grow and to not make such a slick record. There's some lush production and some rugged raw sound without a million overdubs."