You might know by now that Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson is a licensed commercial pilot with Astraeus Airlines and has a customized, converted Boeing 757, aka. Ed Force One, that he uses to fly fans around the world. Yeah, really. Well, now he'd like to share the joys of flight with you, if you happen to be located or passing through London's Heathrow Airport in December.

That's where Dickinson has set up a state of the art Boeing 737 flight simulator, and Iron Maiden Fan Club members get first dibs. He says, "I can't wait to sit in the simulator with fans and share the buzz of what it is really like to fly a modern passenger jet such as Flight 666 and all the challenges that entails." Whoo! Get the details at Bruce Air.

Dickinson takes this seriously. In fact, he piloted one of the first post-Hurricane Irene flights out of the metro New York City area from Newark, N.J. to Reykjavik, Iceland. Take that, Mother Nature.

Dickinson -- who also has a honorary doctorate in music -- has told CNN in 2007 that "Aviation's been kicking around my family for as long as I can remember; my uncle was in the RAF. But I always thought I was too stupid. I was useless at maths and majored in history at university, so I thought history majors don't become pilots, let alone rock stars. And then our drummer learned to fly so I said if a drummer can learn to fly then anyone can." Yes, even you!

Watch 'The Final Frontier' from Iron Maiden

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