For Bruce Dickinson, it wasn't enough just being one of the most recognizable vocalists in the heavy metal world. The British start went ahead and became a licensed commercial airline pilot a few years back. But now he's outdone himself. The Iron Maiden singer is now a doctor! Dickinson has been granted an Honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Queen Mary University in London. He received the honor on Tuesday where he was recognized for his contributions to the music industry as we know it.

Dickinson also earned a degree in history from Queen Mary U back in 1979, when he was an actual student on the campus. Word is Dickinson attended college as time filler (or killer) while attempting to pursue music. Mum and Pop Dickinson wanted the singer to enlist in the army, but he chose to go the degree route first in order to save his own hide. Dickinson has said that he used college as an excuse, saying, "That was what they wanted to hear so that was my cover story. When I got down there, I started immediately finding and playing in bands." Looks like Dickinson's choices worked out well for him.

Congrats on your new honorary degree, Dr. Dickinson.

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