Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is known for many things other than being the vocalist of one of the best metal bands ever. The consummate showman is also a licensed commercial pilot, which can be seen during the band's film, 'Flight 666,' where Dickinson is seen manning the band's planes while on a world tour.

The ever-busy, multitasking Dickinson has a new job, and that's the marketing director of Astraeus Airlines. The airline, of which Dickinson is a long-standing pilot, is responsible for leasing aircraft and cabin crew to airlines. In his new position, Dickinson will work on communicating the company's message to the public, as well as working with executives.

In a statement, Dickinson said, "This is a marketing role aimed at delivering the Astraeus message and business proposition directly to what is a relatively tight and targeted audience of people and decision-makers in aviation. "I'm a communicator, clearly I have a background in creative media, and I'm an airline captain, so it all makes great sense and I relish the challenge."

An Astraeus exec gushed over Dickinson's knowledge of the aviation industry, saying he is a man who can "cope with pressure, whether as a 757 captain or in front of 50,000 Iron Maiden fans, or senior airline and aviation managers."

Dickinson's new job begs the question: is there anything this man cannot do? Maiden's latest, 'The Final Frontier,' is out now..

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills