Intronaut vocalist-guitarist Sacha Dunable is moonlighting in Graviton, who will release 'Massless' on Translation Loss on April 26th. Graviton manufacture an electro-doom fusion that you'll feel in your follicles and the project was born when Dunable asked Derek Donley (drums) and Darin Tambascio (guitars) if they wanted to make a record based on some ideas he had. The trio wrote and recorded 'Massless' over the course of a year during the same period of time that Intronaut were putting 'Valley of Smoke' together.

However, it's not a juggling act for Dunable, since Graviton are limited by several factors, as not all of the members reside in Los Angeles any longer. "Graviton is primarily studio-only, so there isn't any rehearsing going on these days," Dunable told Noisecreep. "It was tough during parts of the recording, when Intronaut was writing, recording, and touring as well. But for me personally, this project was intended to be a little creative vacation from Intronaut, since that has pretty much been the only serious musical project I had spent time on for the past five or six years. I got to play a different musical 'character,' if that makes sense."

It makes total sense for Dunable to want to stretch his creative muscles and exercise ones he doesn't use all the time. Just don't expect to see Graviton play out live anytime soon because of the aforementioned geographical issues. "We would need like seven arms and/or legs each," Dunable joked.

With Graviton, Dunable, who fixes guitars for a living, started out with a vision that's a bit different than the end result. "In the beginning, I envisioned it being dark, discordant, and ugly, but soothing at the same time," he said. "I kid you not. My first ideas were demoed with being a cross between something like Immolation and Godflesh. We ended up letting it get more melancholic, which we all kind of revert to out of habit, but I think it made for nice dynamics. Darin was really getting into the '70s prog, so everything sort of mutated into something bigger."

Two songs on 'Massless' borrowed from Intronaut, but not in any sort of recognizable fashion.

Dunable said, "'Anti-Mesons' and 'Mesons' are both based on one basic sample of a demo recording of an idea that ended up being a riff on the last Intronaut record, which you will never recognize since it has been manipulated to the point of becoming something else completely. One is a reprise of the other."

Check out 'Massless' on April 26th for a little infusion of doom into your life!