Formed in Brooklyn, N.Y. back in 1993, Indecision was one of the most influential hardcore bands of the '90s before breaking up in 2000. Unorthodox, their 1997 debut album, successfully married the urgency of hardcore with the balls-out aggression of metal and remains as thrilling today as it did the day it originally hit stores.

After splitting up, some of the members of Indecision went on to form Most Precious Blood, another killer band that deserves some real estate in your music collection. Indecision occasionally reunite to play gigs together, but there hasn't been any new music from them in years.

That's why Noisecreep is jumping up and down right now since getting a track called "Slave" sent to us. "Slave" is an older, previously unreleased song from Indecision that appears on a compilation re-released as a 7" EP called All About Friends Forever Vol. 2. The original compilation was issued as a CD featuring bands like Trial, Coalesce and Botch. The new 7"s features newer bands plus the original ones that were on the original pressing.

Listen to "Slave" from Indecision below, along with more information on the wonderful All About Friends Forever EPs and the bands that appear on them.

Listen to "Slave"

All About Friends Forever is a labor of love for famed New York City-based concert promoter Rich Hall and his fiancee, photographer and graphic designer Carrie Whitney, who wanted to release a compilation featuring her friends and their bands - as a way to give thanks to them all.

Besides Indecision, bands like Harvest, Threadbare and Torchbearer, are also featured on the two EPs. Head to All About Friends Forever's Bandcamp page to download both EPs and if you want to get in on some limited edition vinyl (only 150 copies were pressed), click this link.

Head to All About Friends Forever's Facebook page for more information on the project.

All About Friends Forever