Incubus manager Steve Rennie has joined creativeLIVE to teach a course on how to successfully network your way in the cutthroat music business. Titled 'Music Business 101: Networking with Steve Rennie,' the course will be featured on the creativeLIVE site starting Sept. 12.

The major plus behind the creativeLIVE experience is it enables music industry hopefuls to receive free online education, and the addition of this audio channel will also feature classes taught by guitarist/producer Eyal Levi (Whitechapel, August Burns Red) and EDM DJ Big Chocolate.

During his course, Rennie will detail how he started as a show booker and worked his way up to become a big time manager. In his 35-plus years in the business, Rennie, who also goes by the nickname Renman, has also been a record label exec and a concert promoter. Networking is an important element to success in any field, and hopefully Rennie will cover some of his hobnobbing secrets.

"Music is close to my heart and we have been chomping at the bit to launch an audio channel on creativeLIVE," said CEO Mika Salmi, who is responsible for signing Nine Inch Nails. "Just like in photography and other channels, we will be bringing world class experts to teach real actionable skills. I personally can't wait to update my DJ skills!"

Eyal Levi's class, which takes place Sept. 25, centers on how to get realistic sounding drums in EZDrummer, and Big Chocolate will discuss how he crafts ideas and turns them into finished songs with the use of Ableton Live. Big Chocolate's course goes live on Sept. 30.

Industrious individuals determined to take these live classes can visit the Creative Live website.