Girls will be girls, especially when they're girls in rock bands. In This Moment vocalist Maria Brink commandeers the back lounge on her band's tour bus – a room normally reserved for band dudes pursuing hedonistic pleasures with groupies - and turns it into her bedroom on wheels. Even while on Warped Tour, while sharing a bus with Aiden, the boys were gentleman and allowed Brink to have the back lounge.

"When we have our own bus, the guys let me back there by myself since I am a woman living on the road and touring," Brink told Noisecreep. "I decorate it and have my candles, blankets and curtains, so I make it my mini-apartment so there is privacy for me to put on my make-up and so I can get dressed. We have fun on the road. It's a good time. Since I'm the only girl, having the back lounge gives me a place to change. Normally, the back lounge is where men party with the girls, but my guys don't care."

Brink needs her space and she feels she's earned the right to not be relegated to a bunk any longer. But it's beyond that. She battles claustrophobia, which makes bunk dwelling miserable! "Don't get me wrong, I did the van thing for years," Brink said. "I was in the RV, schlepping and sleeping in the bunks, but I am claustrophobic in the bunk and since we are on tour so much, I need to get away from stinky, disgusting guys! It keeps us sane and keeps the band healthy. They actually prefer it this way. They have the front lounge to blast music and to be bros with each other and to do whatever the hell they want. I never complain when they do their thing in the front of the bus."