In This Moment

A few weeks ago while on tour, Noisecreep chatted with In This Moment's frontwoman, Miss Maria Brink. In addition to providing us with a few top-five lists, the blonde, heavily-tattooed songstress told us about the band's current activities while they were enjoying their first-ever headlining trek.

"In early 2010, we'll be recording," Brink said. "We are working it out so that the album is done and recorded so we can do a summer festival, and then it'll come out and I am very excited about that!" Could it be Mayhem Fest, since the band enjoyed a slot on Warped Tour last summer? Only time will tell! "We've written a bunch, but it's not done yet. We have a studio in the front of the bus and we're doing pre-production."

The album will be the band's third for Century Media, following up 'Beautiful Tragedy' and 'The Dream,' and it's their chance to really build upon an already sturdy foundation and put In This Moment on the map beyond the metal world. "We're professionals, and we know we want to write," Brink said, brimming with well-earned confidence. "We have a goal. We're not partying out on the road, but we still have fun. And we are dedicating a certain amount of hours each day [to the record]. It's our third album and it's a big deal for us, so we will focus. There is a time to play and time to work."