MixhellDrummer Iggor Cavalera is a good enough drawer to warrant his own art show, according to his wife, Laima -- with whom he shares the moniker of eletronica band Mixhell -- who used to work at the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo. "Iggor does the best drawings ever. He was invited to be in art shows already, but never made it," she says.

"Probably never going to make it," Iggor laughs. "They have to go to my friend's house to see it. Most of the drawings I do, I give away to friends. I don't collect any of the stuff that I do. I don't have anything saved. My grandfather used to be like that. He used to do amazing paintings, but he never sold one of them. He always gave as presents to his friends and family so maybe I'll keep his vibe."

Iggor -- a former member of Sepultura and now in Mixhell with Laima -- says he has no plans to do the album art for Mixhell. "In Mixhell I don't really pay attention to the visual, but it's also very different than the [drawings] that I do. It's very minimalistic, the stuff that I do."

"Well, you say, 'No.' But you created the logo," Laima counters. "Everything we do, from visuals to music, it's all made by us. He says he's not going to do a full album cover, but I'm sure he will have input on it."

The couple are parents to five children, ages 3 through 12, for whom Iggor often draws. "I do very cartoonish style for the kids," Iggor says. "I can draw crazy creatures. They like a lot of the weird monsters."