I, Omega, the latest signing to Bullet Tooth, will release their debut album The Ravenous for the label on May 15. If you like the mathy-ness of Protest the Hero and the full on assault of Periphery, then you'll dig I, Omega, thanks to their noodly solos and clean vs. deathy vocal delivery. It'll make you want to mosh, mosh, mosh.

A self-described progressive metal band from Upland, Calif., Noisecreep is pleased to partner with I, Omega to premiere "Heretics," a track off thieir forthcoming album.

Vocalist Clay Nevel opened up about the song, saying, ""Heretics" is an ode to people striving and struggling to create art. For every person that's crafting something true and beautiful, there are thousands of others trying to cash in a vapid, contrived 'product.' The ones with the proper intentions are often not recognized and forever live in obscurity. This song is for them and their plight."

Listen to "Heretics" From I, Omega

The singer also revealed it was one of the first songs that he heard prior to joining the band last year. "Since there is so much going on in the song musically, it was one of the last songs I tackled on lyrics/melody," he said. "A lot of time was taken to really figure out where my voice fit in the mix. After much deliberation, I feel that we found a good balance between all of the individual parts that make up the song."

If you like what you've heard, you'll be able to catch the band on the road. Expect touring, touring and more touring from the band in 2012. That, and some writing, too.

I, Omega's The Ravenous will hit stores on May 15. Pre-order the album here.