I Declare War

Back in 2007, during their first-ever tour, a young band from Seattle called I Declare War wound up on a bill with deathcore champions Whitechapel. Although I Declare War's guitarist Evan Hughes later described the gig as "one of the worst shows we've ever played," it sparked a friendship between the two bands, and when Whitechapel were later approached by Artery Records about bands worth signing, their guitarist Alex Wade wholeheartedly recommended I Declare War.

On June 1, the label will release the band's self-produced second album, 'Malevolence,' a combination of brutal hardcore, eviscerating metal and contemporary rage. "The lyrics are based on a lot of what we think is corrupt in the world today -- government, religion, and the self-inflicted downfall of humanity," Hughes said. "The title, ['Malevolence'], reflects that."

The track 'New Age Holocaust' is now streaming on the band's MySpace.

The band, which formed in 2005, currently consists of Hughes, vocalist Jonathan Huber, guitarist Chris Fugate, bassist Brent Eaton and drummer Ryan Cox.