Regular Noisecreep readers already know how much we dig Huntress. The Southern California-based group play traditional-styled metal oozing with infectious twin-guitar melodies and wailing vocals. Fronted by a firebrand named Jill Janus, Huntress recently issued Spell Eater, their debut album. Before and since its release, the band has been living out of suitcases, spreading the good word of heavy metal across the globe.

Noisecreep somehow convinces Janus to start writing a regular blog for us and today, we're beyond stoked to bring you the first installment!


Hey Noisecreep Nation,

So here's the real deal: I have a deadline for Noisecreep and of course, I dilly dallied until the last possible moment to complete my first assignment. I woke up this morning on the verge of a panic attack, feeling like I was going to flunk a huge exam, resulting in banishment to summer school. I've been living in Los Angeles purgatory, here only in between tours. During my stay here, I've been assisting Naturopathic doctors, injecting patients with vitamins and preparing IVs. I make tinctures and homeopathic remedies too. Yeah, I'm a hippy nurse by day, heavy metal witch by night.

Watch Huntress' "Eight of Swords" Video

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It's a challenge to manage time, thus the rush to finish this blog. I gave up my home, my full-time job, sold my car and most of my belongings earlier this year to focus only on my band. I've been homeless since March, touring with Huntress and living in a van with four heshers and two dogs. Today my vagabond ways come to an end (sort of). I rented a small room in a house full of artists and rescued dogs near Pasadena. I've been hauling boxes out of storage, attempting to make a little nest for myself when I'm not on the road. Chances are I won't spend much time here, but the dogs will when Huntress tours internationally.

Jill Janus

It's been a whirlwind for us. We were signed to Napalm Records in November 2011, recorded our debut album Spell Eater with Chris Rakestraw in January 2012 followed by non-stop touring since March. The transition was rough. There was a lot of uncertainty at the start; would I be able to survive in a van with conflicting personalities, living in poverty, peeing in plastic bottles? Not to mention a severe lifestyle change to protect the Voice, which rules my life. No more booze, drugs or speaking after shows. I had to abandon my female bullshit and man up.

Watch Huntress' "Spell Eater" Video

Now I live only for my purpose and I've never been happier. But it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice and discipline to grasp victory. The work is never done and I'll probably always procrastinate on my blog/homework assignments, but I will never, ever quit doing what I love. And that, my Creatures, is the only thing that matters.

Jill Janus

Blessed Be, Jill Janus

Derek Brad

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Pick up Spell Eater on iTunes and Amazon. Catch Huntress on tour on the following dates:

July 14; San Francisco, CA; Tidal Wave Festival at Jerry Garcia Amphitheater (**Huntress only)

July 17; Fort Collins, CO; Hodi's Half Note

July 18; Denver, CO; Moe's

July 19; Ogden, UT; The Basement

July 21; Tacoma, WA; Hell's Kitchen

July 22; Seattle, WA; El Corazon

July 24; Stockton, CA; Plea for Peace Center

July 26; Walnut Creek, CA; Red House

July, 27; Las Vegas, NV; Cheyenne Saloon

July 29; Tempe, AZ; Rocky Point Cantina

July 30; El Paso, TX; Lips Lounge

July 31; Austin, TX; Dirty Dog Bar

August 2; Waco, TX; Beatnix Burger Barn

August 3; San Antonio, TX; White Rabbit

August 4; Shreveport, LA; The Riverside Warehouse

August 6; Fayetteville, AR; Rogue

August 8; Knoxville, KY; Long Branch Saloon

August 9; Spartanburg, SC; Ground Zero

August 10; Jacksonville, NC; Hooligans

August 13; Brooklyn, NY; Saint Vitus (**Huntress only)

August 14; Worcester, MA; Upstairs at the Palladium (**Huntress only)

August 15; Philadelphia, PA; Gunners Run (**Huntress only)

August 16; Cleveland, OH; Pirates Cove (**Huntress only)

August 17; Chicago, IL; Cobra Lounge (**Huntress only)

August 18; Detroit, MI; I-Rock Nightclub (**Huntress only)