Becoming road weary is one of the effects of being in a band. And A Day to Remember isn't exempt. As a matter of fact, it wrote a whole album about missing loved ones, aptly titled 'Homesick.'

"The name came from just the honest feeling that everyone in the band was going through," bassist Joshua Woodard told Noisecreep. "We'd been on the road for well over two years pretty much straight. It gets rough.

"This is what everyone wants to do," he added. "If you're in a band, you want to tour and stuff. It's not conventional. It's not a normal way of living at all. You still go through the missing your family, missing your girlfriends, missing being able to sleep in your bed sometimes. That's where we were at. We were missing home. So we wrote a record about it. It's hard but it's a bittersweet kind of thing. The band's growing. It's undeniable that you're going to go through patches of times where you wish you were at home instead."

The the Ocala, Fla.-based post-hardcore outfit -- which also includes vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, rhythm guitarist Neil Westfall, vocalist/guitarist Kevin Skaff and drummer/percussionist Alex Shelnutt -- tried a new technique in writing 'Homesick,' which debuted at No. 21 on The Billboard 200 album charts upon its Feb. 3 release.

"Writing for 'Homesick' was not like we wrote any other record or any other music, period," Woodard said. "We were out on Warped Tour last year, and we had to keep writing songs. So we were in the back lounge [of the bus] recording through computers.

"Then we got on the New Found Glory tour. Chad [Gilbert] from New Found Glory produced the record. He went through and took all the stuff we had been doing and just reworked it all. Rewrote. It was really weird. We did everything from the road. It's not conventional. Every other thing was us in the garage or in a practice area writing, hashing out ideas, just taking our time on it all. It was definitely kind of a rushed process this time. But it was kind of cool at the same time it made us focus and get everything knocked out."

Working with fellow Floridian Gilbert was a thrill for the band. "He's in a band that is I would say is in the top five of all of my members' favorite bands," Woodard said. "It's a band that influenced us all. They're from Florida. It was kind of surreal to be able to work with someone who's pretty much the creator of the records that are my favorite records ever.

"It was really cool. Once that feeling was gone he's just a normal dude. He was our friend. We just kind of hung out. After his set on the New Found Glory tour, he would just hang out, eat pizza, drink Mountain Dew and work in the back lounge. It was a chill kind of feeling to work with him. I try to hang out with him every now and then. A dude I look up to is now a very good friend."