Hollywoodo Undead

Hollywood Undead are one of the few newer gold-selling -- that's 500,000 copies sold -- bands in today's faltering music industry! They are working on the follow-up to 2008's sleeper hit, 'Swan Song.' If you've not been exposed to Hollywood Undead yet, they Los Angeles based band is like a darker, edgier Linkin Park.

"We are in the studio, and our studio right now is basically our bedrooms, for the most part," Hollywood Undead's J Dog told Noisecreep. "It keeps the costs down. We went to big studios and spent thousands of dollars every day for our last record, since we didn't know any better and the label was paying for it. Now we do the writing at our house. We will take it to producer when we're done writing. I sleep in my studio, on Oralex, the foam that pads the room. It's like egg-crate foam."

Hollywood Undead hope to be done writing and recording the new album by May, and they want the fans to know they'll be back soon.