Hollywood Undead

Regardless of what you think of Hollywood Undead's music, which is a blend of rap and rock, one thing is for sure: The band has integrity and plays by the rules they write. They initially planned to release 2008's 'Swan Song' via MySpace Records, but once media mogul Rupert Murdoch entered the picture, things changed.

"They wanted us to take out songs, change the lyrics and remove the cuss words, since Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace," J Dog told Noisecreep. "They wanted us to take out the cuss words and profanities and to have no sexual innuendo. Sorry, but that's how we are. Why pretend we are something we are not?"

Eventually A&M/Octone picked up the record and released it, profanity and all. 'Swan Song' went on to sell over 500,000 copies, but that figure is not going to the members' heads. "A lot of people lose their creativity, get money and move away from what inspired them to be creative, but I've lived in the same apartment for 20 years and probably always swill. I am just cheap," J Dog said.

Hollywood Undead also had a song featured in the trailer of last summer's 'G.I. Joe,' which works more in theory than in practice. J Dog joked, "Thank God it was just in the trailer, since the movie sucked. We're glad we were not in soundtrack or in the movie. It could have been cool, with that big budget, they could have made it rad. But they didn't, with the actors that they picked."