When we chatted with HIM frontman Ville Valo a few days before Christmas, the charming Finnish vocalist -- who exclaimed he was "the same miserable me here in freezing Helsinki" -- was fretting over what to buy his beloved mom for Christmas this year. Ah, rock stars. They're just like us!

"I have to figure out what to buy my mom," Valo told Noisecreep. "Last year, I got her an antique mirror that's not like rectangular, like one you can get in any old store. She loved it." Valo expressed disdain for going to a store to try and find a present for someone and jokingly admitted he was so enamored of the mirror himself that he didn't want to part with it, and that he secretly hopes his mom will eventually bequeath it to him! We didn't envy the singer's position, having to head out into the last-minute hustle and bustle of maniacal shoppers.

While HIM is about to release 'Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice' on Feb. 9, Valo revealed his Christmas day plans, which involve the rare day off for the king of goth! "Christmas is one of the only days that I don't work," he revealed. "So I am excited to hang out with parents and my bro. We'll eat, sit down, watch TV and shoot the s---. We're not going to do anything big. There are no relatives coming over. It'll be just us four."

Sounds like a cozy, comfy Christmas for the gothic rocker!