To clear up any anxiety you might have about the headline right away, there were no injuries on July 27 when Natur, Unearthly Trance and High on Fire shook up Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Music Hall of Williamsburg. At least, there were no fire-related accidents.

"We call that one 'Intro,'" Unearthly Trance frontman Ryan Lipynsky said to cover up that bassist Jay Newman's monitor was relieving smoke. "The same thing happened last time we played here," Lipynsky explained. That's when a fan interrupted and screamed, "You're too heavy, man!"

Justina Villanueva

It wasn't too long afterward that the situation was healed with a borrowed head and new monitor. And it wasn't too long later when the trio ripped through 'God Is a Beast' and other down-tempo, heavy song demons.

There was almost a half-hour wait between UT and the Oakland stoner metal champions High on Fire. So when Mr. shirt-always-off Matt Pike and friends walked on stage, a circus of roars and cheers ensued. Lots of toking and beer spilling took over the venue, too.

"Give me a f--- yeah. Give me a f--- yeah!" Lesson of the night: if you don't give Pike the f--- yeah right the first time, you're gonna get yelled at.

"What's up New York? Speak up," Pike said in a fiery before starting several songs. One of those song happened to be the 'Death is This Communion' headbang-worthy anthem 'Rumors of War.' The night ended well before midnight, giving the band some rest before their last two shows before playing Chicago's Riot Fest in October. Well, the rest will be for all members but frontman Pike -- who'll be on the road with Sleep.