Hellbent for CookingFans of extreme and obscure metal, whose appetites expand beyond the aural delicacies of their chosen genre, should check out the new book 'Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook,' which features 101 recipes from members of such groundbreaking bands as Mayhem, Sepultura, Sigh, Repulsion, Possessed, Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Obituary and dozens of others.

The 224-page book is the brainchild of Canadian metal and food fanatic Annick 'Morbid Chef' Giroux, who, with the help of 'Sound of the Beast' author and Bazillion Books owner Ian Christe, was able to combine her love for metal, cooking and writing into a single pursuit.

"She has a really impressive depth and complete absorbing obsession with metal," Christe tells Noisecreep. "She had also gotten really into food and was buying cookbooks and making food from all over the world. So she decided to combine the two worlds by getting into the food from these bands and kind of understanding more about their music and their world by eating their food."

The lavishly illustrated 'Hellbent for Cooking' features recipes from artists from 32 countries, including the United States, Norway, Czech Republic, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. The book includes vegetarian, beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood entrees, as well as appetizers and drink recipes. Many of the dishes are complex and delicate, proving the metal community has risen above Top Ramen, mac and cheese, burgers and spaghetti.

"I really wanted to show that metalheads are normal people, too," Giroux says. "They enjoy cooking as much as non-metal people. We're not culinary degenerates by any means."

The recipes in 'Hellbent for Cooking' are as diverse as the styles of music the recipe contributors play. The international menu includes: Bastardator's Maple Syrup Yellow Pea Soup (Canada), Desolation Angels' Yorkshire Pudding (England), Tankard's Beer Pizza Crust (Germany), Mayhem's Fårikål (Lamb and Cabbage Stew) (Norway), Rotting Christ's Country Lamb Exohiko (Greece), Sepultura's Beef Churrasco (Brazil) and Sigh's Habanero Gyudon (Japan). Among the U.S. entries are Mushroom Steak à la Jack Daniel's by Matt Olivo of Repulsion and Soul Brownies by Saint Vitus and the Obsessed's Scott 'Wino' Weinrich.

In addition to procuring the recipes, Giroux tested each dish, refined them, and then laid out the whole book. "She's totally a force of nature and this wouldn't have worked if it hadn't come from such a pure place and also with such juggernaut energy," Christe says.

"I devoted eight whole months to this," Giroux says. "I had to find all the ingredients for these dishes, and some were harder to find than others. And I had to photograph them and everything. My friends almost gave up on my, so did my parents."