A legendary lo-fi artifact of metal fandom, 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot' was filmed outside of Maryland's now-demolished Capital Centre before a Judas Priest/Dokken concert. In the parking lot, a drunken tailgate party ensues -- complete with shirtless mulletheads, dusty teenagers and devoted Priest fans singing anthems and spewing epic nonsense.

A cult favorite in the '90s, 'HMPL' reincarnated from a passed-around bootleg VHS to a 2009 DVD release and is now available for free online streaming, thanks to our friends at SnagFilms. In the magical land of 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot,' "punk belongs on Mars," "Madonna can go to hell," and Judas Priest rules! Your dead Priest fan friend's mother can score free tickets and backstage passes for your whole gang. Babes become makeshift air guitars. And friends? They become yelling, swaying, swearing fan armies.

That day in late May of 1986, metalheads of all intoxication levels -- from half 'n' half to flying on acid -- really showed us how to party. Their comradery lives on as a tribute to the rockin' bygone, their drunk rambling as one of the worst and funniest arguments for legalizing drugs ever. And it's just this sort ardent-hearted, warbly pep that had the video playing repeatedly in Nirvana's tour bus.