Ludicra have had a pretty rough spring. First their full U.S. tour with Mayhem got canceled. Then, their Decancellation Tour -- which was set up in replacement of the former -- started off with some road bumps when guitarist John Cobbett's appendix burst. When a couple of dedicated industry folks and friends realized that Cobbett had no health insurance, they took matters into their own hands to develop projects that could help the musician out.

Raymond Ahner, who is a friend of the band, designed a poster that they've had on the road with them. All proceeds of the eye-pleasing, poster were an aid to fund Cobbett's expenses.

Makers of 'MDF the Movie' have found a way to help out, too. On April 14 when Ludicra played Toronto, the producers sent a full crew out to film live footage of the band. The show took place just one day after Cobbett rejoined the band and about a week after being hospitalized. Handshake Inc. founder David Hall told Noisecreep that the company's good friend Jason Deaville initiated the project.

"Jason has become sort of a consigliere on Handshake projects, so when he suggested we do this DVD, and also that he produce it, I thought it was all a good and let him run with it," Hall said. Aside from owning Ludicra's albums, the crew didn't have any other connection to the band.

"We wanted to help John out because we know how hard underground musicians work, and how much of their life they put into their music," Hall said. "I've also been in the States and had to have medical treatment, and I know how expensive it can be. So I definitely related to John's predicament."

The live footage was recorded with high definition cameras by three camera operators. A live set by Krallice and some behind the scenes footage will be included on what the production company is calling the official 'DeCancellation' DVD. Ludicra's label, Profound Lore, will be paying for the costs of the DVD, as well as possibly distributing it.

"We're also going to sell the DVD at Maryland Deathfest, where Handshake will have a big circus tent to screen our little movies. I am hoping we can make it a digital download as well," Hall said.

For those worried about Cobbett's condition, the guitarist has successfully recovered and was able to finish the tour with Ludicra. You can follow Cobbett and Handshake Inc at their respective Twitter accounts, too.