Hands Like Glass

Because of the increasing availability of powerful technology, metal bands on a tight budget can experiment with electronics more than ever. While bands might dabble in the various forms of electronic music, there haven't many that have done it as completely as Los Angeles-based Hands Like Glass.

"About two bands ago I had the idea to somehow merge trance/electronica with metalcore," guitarist Jimmy Amaya told Noisecreep. "There were plenty of experiments with the merging of the genres. I can't say that the sound just came to me. The sound was finally mastered when [synth player] Jopasety came in the picture. After that, our official signature tone was pretty much a chain reaction with all of the members in HLG."

Although artists like Ministry and Nine Inch Nails have mixed rock with electronic elements very successfully, Hands Like Glass ventured to mix those two very specific and unrelated subgenres, resulting in their forthcoming EP, 'With Unveiled Faces.' The trick was to make the fusion not favor either genre. "I've noticed a lot of those bands include big breakdowns and screams everywhere," Amaya noted. "We feel that scene has come and gone. We're not pulling away from the screams and/or heavy parts, we're simply being more melodic for a bigger audience. Something everyone can relate to."

"I think that we appeal more to the pop metal fans," Amaya continued. "I don't think we would alienate either for the fact that there are so many bands including the electro stuff in everything they do. We're just trying to be as original as we can with our structure. Personally I believe we came out in just the right time."

While the pounding, even-keeled rhythms of trance and the aggressive staccato of metalcore made strange bedfellows, the real task was finding a vocalist that would fit the bill. "We were looking for a singer with an extraordinary voice, and I found it in Mason when he first came in," Amaya explained. "Shortly after, [bassist] Cesar agreed with my feelings that Mason's potential was very big. So we continued recording, and slowly but surely Mason's true talent unveiled as predicted, and our sound became what it is because of his voice."

The band was fortunate enough to secure publicity and management before their first release, due to a relationship already formed between the band and Andrew Jarrin from Ricochet Management. "The people at Ricochet liked our sound and felt we would be a good addition to the team. Robert Bradley of Authentik also felt we had something new and original, and were very happy to have us join the family as well. Overall, we feel God has blessed us with the help we've been receiving."

Hands Like Glass' EP, 'With Unveiled Faces,' is out May 18.