Philadelphia is one of the toughest cities to play, whether you're a touring band or a visiting sports team. But that didn't deter the Pennsylvania's female-fronted powerhouse Halestorm from recording and filming their April 30 gig at Philly's TLA. The result of that show is 'Live in Philly 2010,' a CD/DVD that will be released Nov. 16. The set captures Halestorm in their most natural and favorite state: onstage and performing, latching onto the energy put forth by their dedicated fans.

Halestorm will reaffirm their fondness for the City of Brotherly Love by playing a New Year's Eve gig at The Trocadero. The celebration will be preceded by two other Pennsylvania shows, too. They'll play Lancaster on Dec. 28 and Allentown on Dec. 29, both of which are Philly suburbs.

'Live in Philly 2010' track list

1. 'It's Not You'

2. 'Innocence'

3. 'Bet U Wish U Had Me Back'

4. 'Love/Hate Heartbreak'

5. 'I'm Not An Angel'

6. 'Familiar Taste of Poison'

7. 'Boom City'

8. 'Nothing to Do With Love'

9. 'Dirty Work'

10. 'I Get Off'

11. 'Tell Me Where It Hurts'

12. 'Better Sorry Than Safe'

DVD track list

1. 'Intro'

2. 'It's Not You'

3. 'What Were You Expecting'

4. 'Innocence'

5. 'Bet U Wish U Had Me Back'

6. 'Love/Hate Heartbreak'

7. 'I'm Not an Angel'

8. 'Familiar Taste of Poison'

9. 'Boom City'

10. 'Nothing to Do With Love'

11. 'Dirty Work'

12. 'I Get Off'

13. 'Tell Me Where It Hurts'

14. 'Better Sorry Than Safe'