Halestorm have plenty of things to celebrate. They won a Grammy. They are at the top of their game in the rock world. So they invoke the past and enjoy the present in their new live footage video for 'Here's to Us.'

In the clip, Lzzy Hale and her band are rocking big '80s hair and makeup; '90s grunge attire, like flannel and a dress paired with boots and a skull cap, along with the scowl that marked the faces of musicians of that era; and more modern period rock 'n' roll and stage attire. They certainly capture the essence of those decades and their accompanying musical delineations and looks.

"We wrote this song literally as our personal anthem," Hale said to Rolling Stone. "We've been through a lot together as a band, and we've learned to celebrate the low times as well as the highs. It's about toughin' out and respecting the journey for us, and that's how we have kept it together as a foursome for 10 years! Here's to us!"

So revisit the past and enjoy the present with Halestorm in the 'Here's to Us' video. Fill the glass...