When Gwynbleidd played at Union Pool, they left the wintry night chill outside. There were just too many drunk and still-full-from-Thanksgiving headbangers excited to see the progressive and folky death metallers for the place to be cold. But once the intro sample trickled in the small Union Pool, the room felt more like a cabin in the middle of nowhere than a block away from the Lorimer stop on the L train.

"We like long songs," vocalist and guitarist Maciej Kupiszewski told the crowd after playing what seemed like a block of songs without a pause but was just one really long, epic track.

While their songs reach Opeth lengths, they still were not as long as most doom songs. That includes the length of show openers Sea of Bones.

GwynbleiddThe doom quartet who hail from Conneticut and recently added a second bassist played only two songs in their 40-minute set. (I promise they were two monumental songs, though.)

In a guilty effort to break up the set, Kupiszewski added a couple songs later, "The next one is short, and by that we mean six minutes." More important than song length, however, is the band's ability to provide a sonic portal to what feels like Poland's tall and dark woods. At times it's like you're on another planet. The kind that you can find drawn on surreal Photoshop paintings in Deviant Art portfolios.

The band's latest release, 'Nostalgia,' is currently available through BlackCurrant Records.