GWAR-B-Q Brew -- it's the only thing GWAR won't spew.

That's saying something, since the band members will pretty much hurl any liquid or substance from the holes in their faces ... except their own branded ale.

Front thing Oderus Urungus introduces the beverage in the new commercial shown above. The beer, created from a recipe designed by Rob Chalmers specifically for the Aug. 17 Richmond-based GWAR-B-Q, will make its debut at an Aug. 3 fete in Ybor City, Fla.

"This is another milestone on the road leading to the GWAR-B-Q, the new GWAR album, and the brand-new GWAR show we will be putting on tour this fall," declared Oderus, easily the biggest party creature in rock. "I am looking forward to meeting with the fans, getting incredibly wasted, and then vomiting all over them. Then we will sell that!"

The GWAR B-Q Brew event, will feature free samples of the drink, as well as Brutal Burgers topped with GWAR-B-Q Sauce -- a meal definitely fit for a Scumdog of the Universe.

The event will set you back by a whole five bucks at the door. The first 50 fans wearing GWAR attire will be admitted for free. If guzzling some brewskis with Brockie – as in Dave Brockie, which is Oderus' real name—isn't enough, well, GWAR ATTACK, a GWAR cover band, will perform along with American Fix, Black Tides Roll and Doom Wolf.