Beware! Your childhood memories may soon be assaulted with a horrifying new chapter as Loudwire recently had GWAR front-thing Oderus Urungus take part in the reading of the classic, 'Goodnight Moon.'

As expected Oderus adds his own colorful, NSFW commentary as he reads the book for the first time. You'll both nervously laugh and be somewhat horrified by the things that the musician comes up with as he attempts to comprehend the true meaning behind this children's literary favorite.

Whether you choose to share this with your youngsters is completely on you, but if anything your kid may come out of this experience with a better understanding of the band Bush and whether or not they should enjoy their music.

If you're ready to tamper with your own childhood memories and don't need the "earmuffs" that younger ears do, you can check out the uncensored bleep-free version of this video here. You can subscribe to Loudwire's YouTube channel for more exclusive videos.