Gwar are never ones to rest on their bloodied, scabbed, scarred laurels. So it's no surprise they're heading out on another tour -- dubbed The Bloody Tour of Horror, in support of 'The Bloody Pit of Horror' this fall -- beginning Oct. 2 in Baltimore. Tickets are on sale now.

Of the band's perpetual touring schedule, frontman Oderus Urungus, not known for mincing words, told Noisecreep, "Hello this is Oderus Urungus, lead singer of Gwar, ruler of Earth, devourer of that weird chick from 'The Shining''s vagina, Fox News interplanetary correspondent and much, much more ... here with the OFFICIAL NOISECREEP TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! OK, here it comes ... get ready ... Gwar is touring this fall!"

He continued, "There you have it! I hope you have enjoyed the OFFICIAL NOISECREEP TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT ... what's that? You didn't? Well why not? Because it didn't have any info other than the most basic announcement? Well, there was a reason for that ... I don't know anything else! They just tell me to be ready, I don't even know what f---ing country I am going to be in. You guys can Google that s--- ... all I know is that the world's greatest band will be in your town SOON in support of their (our) new album 'Bloody Pit of Horror,' out this fall on Metal Blade Records! Is that better? Well, it better be, because someone just told me I have to be on stage in about five minutes! Hail Gwar, hail METAL, hail our wonderful fans!!!!"

The Casualties, Infernaeon and Mobile Deathcamp will join in as support on the Gwar tour dates.