"URGENT: FROM AXL ROSE RE: RIO DE JANEIRO WEATHER POSTPONEMENT," read Sebastian Bach's status update on his personal Facebook page Sunday March 14. The singer, who is currently touring with Guns N' Roses in South America, then posted the following message from Rose:

"ATTENTION: The March 14th Guns N' Roses show in Rio De Janeiro at Apoteose Stadium has been officially canceled for this evening due to the stage collapsing because of heavy rains," wrote Rose.

The show might be rescheduled tomorrow or at a later date. Info will be available "as we receive it," Rose added.

"There fortunately are no fatalities but there are injuries from both our camp and Rio crews the extent of which is not known at present. The Rio Fire Dept. is evacuating crews out of the venue to avoid further injuries with the heavy rains and winds. Details are just coming in. Also a truck [with] part of the Sebastian Bach band's gear has rolled on the trip from Sao Paulo to Rio, what is our understanding, several times and we are awaiting details on the safety of the driver at this time. Thank you for your understanding and please be safe out there. Thank you. Axl Rose."