Guns N' Roses are slated to headline this year's Rock in Rio Festival which is scheduled to take place on October 2nd. Given temperamental frontman W. Axl Rose's propensity for extreme tardiness, the producers of the Rock in Rio show have asked the band to sign a lateness clause in their contract, VH1 reported.

Basically, the band has agreed to pay a fine if they turn up later than scheduled. While the amount of the fine has not been disclosed, one can assume it'll be hefty enough to protect the promoter's investment and make a minor dent in the band's wallet if they choose to ignore it.

Guns N' Roses played Rock in Rio back in 2001 and they showed up two hours late. The festival organizers also fear that a riot could break out amongst an impatient crowd (as has happened at previous G N' R shows). Rock in Rio attendees will have paid hard-earned money to see the headliner, so the clause is also a move that protects the safety of the audience.

Watch the video for 'Don't Cry'

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