It's been 80 years since the gray wolf inhabited California. All that changed recently when a gray wolf traveled 800 miles from Oregon to the Golden State, and if that weren't cool enough on its own, a certain arena rock band found itself becoming part of the story.

Scientists that were tracking the wolf had taken to calling the animal OR-7, a name that matched the animal's GPS collar. Realizing that a clinical name wouldn't do for such an important animal, Portland Wild, a conservation group, created a contest to name the wolf. After many online votes, the name "Journey" rose to the top. It's fitting because the song's uplifting message matches the animal's epic journey to California.

An 11-year-old from North Dakota and a 7-year-old from Idaho share the bragging rights to Journey's name. No word if the kids own copies of the 1981 album 'Escape' which features the San Francisco rocker's hit anthem 'Don't Stop Believin.'

Journey is the first gray wolf of its kind to visit California since 1924. The wolf is now looking for a mate and territory to start his own pack. We'll keep believin.'

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