Sweden may be best known as the birthplace of the 'Gothenburg Sound' pioneered by At The Gates or, perhaps more recently, the melancholy dynamism of Stockholm's Opeth, but there's another vibrant scene in the Scandinavian country-- that which summons the gods of Rock with a capital R; that which has Witchcraft and Graveyard at the vanguard. No death growls, no blast beats; just pure, unadulterated rock n' roll done the right way.

The four bell-bottomed gents of Graveyard are making their way to the US in mid-July for a handful of west coast dates (one with Danava, one with Lumerians, one with labelmates Night Horse) before hitting the road for nearly two dozen shows with CKY. We just had to know what makes them tick when they're on tour.

What five essential things can't you live without on the road?

Beer, drumsticks, guitars, bass and a van. You wouldn't be able to tour otherwise.

What are your top three favorite driving albums?

That depends on how late you are for your show. The Ethiopiques collection that has the song from Broken Flowers is awesome. Neil Young is always a winner. If you want to drive fast, URAN from Gothenburg.

Van or bus?

Well, we don't have much of an option. Van is the only thing we can afford, but even a van is too much. If we really wanted to make money we'd go around the US on tricycles.

Best tour food?

There's no such thing. You can never escape the tourbelly. Unless you drink enough to lose your appetite. Or go to Magnolia Café in Austin, Texas. Or Quantum Leap in Manhattan.

I heard you lost a large sum of cash at a Starbucks on your last US tour. Is that true? What precautionary measures will you take to prevent this from happening this time around?

True. In Waco, Texas there's one happy meth-head biker, we suspect. Probably jerking off to net-porn on my laptop and wiping his [expletive deleted] with our merch money. Precautionary step: I'll bring my brain on this tour.