Judas PriestThe Grammys haven't always been kind to hard rock, with AC/DC not getting their first award until this year, Led Zeppelin famously never winning one (though they did get a Lifetime Achivement Grammy) and Black Sabbath winning their first in 2000 for 'Iron Man.'

But Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford isn't too cool to admit that the Grammys matter to him. "I always have [cared about this]," Halford told Noisecreep on the Grammy red carpet before Priest finally broke through for their inaugural Grammy triumph. "Like everybody says, it's the ultimate musical achievement."

After four previous losses for the band, Halford confessed before they heard their name called that he was hopeful for that win. "Priest has been nominated five times, the fifth nomination, so fingers crossed tonight we'll have that glorious moment."

Having gotten that moment in the spotlight, how did he plan to celebrate? "I haven't even thought about that. I'll probably stare at the thing and give a great sigh of relief," he said. "And it'll just be wonderful."

Having gotten that Grammy monkey off their back, where do Judas Priest go from here? "We'll do what we always do, keep making music," he says. But one difference now. They'll now be the Grammy Award-winning Judas Priest. Congrats, guys!