Graf Orlock, known for their 'cinema grind' style, make music that doesn't go down easy. The song 'Job Hunt' from their new album 'Boombox,' due out Jan. 18, opens with a sound byte and proceeds to unfold in very unsettling fashion. The song is very reminiscent of Deadguy in its noisy sound and scope.

"This song 'Job Hunt' has a couple of things to it, referencing both the depressed economy and the absurd notion of middle class white people in Los Angeles blaming their problems on minority groups or just about anyone else in the city," guitarist/vocalist Jason Schmidt told Noisecreep about the song's lyrical concept. "The 'story' therein is about an ex-military guy, for some reason seeking employment in the historically just LAPD."

Listen to 'Job Hunt'

Musically, the song also makes an effective, enraged point, with Schmidt saying, 'This is pretty dissonant, straightening out in the end for a rousing chorus, possibly touching a nerve with all of our peers -- us included -- who can't seem to hold any gainful employment. Somewhere in there is a lot of pissed off."