"Everything's gone so fast I'm a bit dizzy," laughed Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna. Godsmack will release 'The Oracle' May 4. To get fans excited for the new release, the members of Godsmack agreed to tape the recording sessions. The footage is now being released a little at a time as a series of webisodes known as 'The Making of the Oracle.'

Today, Noisecreep is pumped to exclusively bring you part five of the series. Since 'The Oracle' is Godsmack's first studio album in four years, there was a lot of pent up energy in the studio. Today, the guys talk about recording the gang vocals on the lead single, 'Crying Like a B----.' Erna talks about how he got the idea for the song, and drummer Shannon Larkin explains how every guy in the band had a hand in the music and lyrics.

Of course, being in a rock band isn't all work all the time, so there's requisite effort given to video games and the like. Turns out, the guys in Godsmack make it a ritual to relax with some video games during the recording process, but don't assume the band members are rocking the most recent titles on the market. For the recording of 'The Oracle,' they went old school.

Another Godsmack webisode is coming soon. It involves more behind-the-scenes recording tidbits and a little exercise to boot.