God Dethroned
's new guitarist, shredder Susan Gerl, will step foot on American soil for the first time this fall when her band tours with Abigail Williams and Woe of Tyrants.

"I have never been to the States, so I am looking forward to finding out what it is like in real life, not from the distorted view that is shown through the media," the open-minded Gerl told Noisecreep. "In regards to Holland, everyone thinks everyone here just smokes pot and walks in the garden wearing wooden clogs, and it's media-created. I want to experience what America is like for real.

"I want to really see nature, which I've only seen when I watch documentaries, I like the scenery, and I am looking forward to playing some of the famous clubs I have heard of. It is exciting. It's new, seeing the world. I am looking forward to having a good time and playing all those songs."

Gerl admits that God Dethroned may not have much time to see the sights, since they play almost every night. But she isn't upset about this fact. "All the fans I am on touch with on MySpace ... I cannot wait to meet them in real life," she said excitedly. She admits that Las Vegas tops the list of cities she is most interested in seeing and that watching the scenery go by in the tour vehicle is equally enthralling to her.

Gerl is inviting all fans of melodic death metal to the God Dethroned shows, saying, "If you like aggressive riffs combined with good melodies and atmosphere, check us out. It is worth your while. Our new album is great." She isn't biased, either, simply because the album was already written prior to her joining the Dutch death metal warriors. "I didn't participate in writing it, since it was finished when I joined, but even I love the new album," she said.

The American leg of the War Propaganda Tour, which marks the band's first U.S. tour since 2007, starts Sept. 30 in Phoenix and runs through Oct. 20.