glee'Glee: The Music, Volume 1' might not be very metal, but when the cast of Fox's comedy show sat down to discuss their musical influences, Pantera and Alice in Chains were well-represented.

The show's Mark Salling, who plays football player Noah 'Puck' Puckerman, was asked about the best concert he's ever seen, and his response? Pantera when he was 13. Salling goes on to explain how Dimebag Darrell was the "baddest-ass guitar player of all time," and calls the experience of seeing people light their shirts on fire and participate in a mosh pit as "Satan's gift to earth." Amen.

Later on in the same interview, Salling name-drops Alice in Chains as one of his favorite bands. While the musical stylings of the 'Glee' soundtrack might not be a good representation of these influences, it's always nice to know metal has fans in unapparent places.