Alabama hardcore merchants Gideon recently released Milestone, their sophomore album. Teeming with circle pit-worthy riffs and empowered lyrics, the record is clearly connecting with fans and critics. Leading Christian music site gave Milestone a glowing review, proclaiming, "Gideon is hands down the band that has renewed my faith in Christian hardcore."

Gideon bassist Timmy Naugher recently sent Noisecreep a list of his five favorite concert experiences. The list includes some hardcore, metal and Brit-rock heavyweights and Naugher's descriptions takes you into the center of the action.

My 5 Favorite Concert Experiences

by Timmy Naugher of Gideon

I've also been going to shows and concerts since I was 17-years-old. I'm 25 now. That's a year and a half away from going to shows for a decade. In no way do I think that this gives me some type of credibility or deems me of deserving some type of respect. That's just lame to think that way. I do feel like I have had the privilege to attend some awesome shows in my time though. There are some bands that I look back on and wish that I could still see or knew better when I did see them. But there have been so many more shows that blew my mind and changed my life.

I know it's kind of corny to say that, but for real. They've changed my life. I mean, I've put any type of career or family on hold just so I can live in a van , eat Ramen noodles, and not shower, just so I can experience a show everyday. That is kind of life-changing. But long before all of this band and touring stuff happened with me, I was just a kid who went to shows. I wasn't in a band and didn't know how to mosh. I didn't own a pair of vans and didn't know the difference between metal and hardcore (and had never even heard the term metalcore). I just really enjoyed going to shows. I still really enjoy going to shows. This is a list of five shows or concerts that had an impact on me. Some were inspiring or life changing, while others were just really, really cool.

Sept. 9, 2004

Norma Jean, Fear Before, Evergreen Terrace

Homewood, Ala. – Homewood Armory

This was where it all began for me. Other than a local show or two, this was my first "real" show with touring bands (it was also my first experience with tour merch and scene kids). I honestly had never listened to a single one of the bands I was seeing. I had met some friends that went to another school in our county. They were in a band and went to shows and I started tagging along with them. At the time I honestly did not realize that it was any bigger than the other local shows I had been to. I honestly do not remember much of the actual show. There is one part that sticks out in my mind though. I was standing side stage. All of the lights were off except for a few on the stage. Norma Jean was playing some song where they jam for a while. I think it was "Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, But Something Is Going to Happen", but I'm not positive. In the midst of them playing and going crazy, I remember thinking "This is awesome. I want to be a part of this."

Sept. 8, 2008

Have Heart, Cruel Hand, Foundation

Birmingham, Ala. – Matthews Bar & Grill

Have Heart

This was my first real "Hardcore" show (where no metal or metal-core bands played). Once again I had really listened to any of the bands playing. I had listened to Have Heart maybe once or twice, but never listened to Cruel Hand or Foundation. This was Have Hearts last Birmingham show so I wanted to go since I would never see them again. I remember Foundation being incredibly heavy. Cruel Hand blew me away. And Have Heart was just awesome. There were tons of pile-ons and stage dives. The vocalists of Have Heart and Cruel Hand both talked about being accepting of younger kids getting into the hardcore scene and not pushing them out because they don't own an older hardcore band's seven inch. This was one of the most positive shows I have ever been. The positivity and energy of the bands made me a fan and I started jamming them regularly.

Nov 21, 2007

MewithoutYou, Thrice, Brand New

Atlanta, Ga. – The Masquerade

This was a dream line up for me. Thrice is my favorite band. Brand New is in the top five and MewithoutYou is high on my top bands as well. One of my friends bought tickets and she could not go. She ended up giving me the tickets for free. The show was at a venue called the Tabernacle. It is a great venue and one of my favorites. It's an old church that has been renovated to do concerts. You can stand on the floor or grab a seat in the wrap around balcony. It's just a really cool place. I feel like each of the bands were at their peaks at this time. MewithoutYou had Brother, Sister out. Thrice had recently released "The Alchemy Index: Fire & Water." And Brand New's latest record released was "The Devil and God." Everyone's performances were incredible. The thing I remember the most was during Brand New's set. They were playing "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't". I remember looking around from the balcony and it seemed like everyone in the place was singing the words. You couldn't hear Brand New at all. It just kind of stopped me in my tracks. It's definitely one of those shows that I wish I could go back and relive.

May 18, 2009


Birmingham, Ala. – Verizion Wireless Amphitheater

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Coldplay was a band that I never really thought I would see live. I listened to the songs on the radio and thought they were good but just never saw myself going to see them. My girlfriend at the time won tickets on the radio. I was excited, but not as excited as she was since they are her favorite band. The seats were pretty high but it was free nonetheless. We were just excited to be there. The production for Coldplay was unreal. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. First off they had a huge backdrop-screen type of thing that would play little artsy cinematic videos that went along with some of their songs. During the song "Yellow" huge yellow balloons were brought into the crowd. They also had huge confetti guns that blasted neon colored confetti butterflies, which seemed to be their theme. Everyone also received a free live CD as they were leaving. It also featured a neon colored butterfly on the casing. There were also fireworks. The coolest part of the whole show was probably the 2 small stages set up on either side of the amphitheater. Randomly during the set, the band would leave the main stage and play acoustics on these smaller stages. One time was about 5 rows in front of where I was sitting. This was just a great show that I had the pleasure to enjoy. I hope I can catch Coldplay again.

April 19, 2012

New England Metal and Hardcore Fest – Killswitch Engage

Worcester, Mass. – The Palladium

As soon as I found out what New England Metal and Hardcore Fest was, I knew it was something that I wanted to be part of someday, weather it be watching or playing. Luckily for me, it was playing this past year on the last day of the fest. One of my favorite parts of touring is just hanging out with whoever we are on tour with. Metal Fest is great because I got to hang out with a ton of friends of mine in bands like Counterparts, No Bragging Right, Sleeping Giant, and Hundredth. I also got to catch the set of bands who I never thought I would get to see like Recon and On Broken Wings (who were so sick by the way). I also saw great sets from Volumes, Stick to Your Guns, For Today, Vanna, Emmure, and Every Time I Die.

The highlight for the fest though was definitely Killswitch Engage's set that featured the return of Jesse Leach. They were a band I listened too a pretty good bit when I was younger. I had seen Killswitch twice before with Howard, but this set was unreal. Adam D was up to his usual antics with his goofy outfit and goofier stage hijinks. Jesse Leach's vocals were spot on. He killed it. He just seemed like he was having fun. Everyone in the band seemed like they were having a good time. Sometimes you can tell that a band gets bored from doing the same thing on a stage every night, but not them. The entire band really just seemed to enjoy themselves and it showed through. My first Metal Fest was such a good time and I really hope I get to experience another one.


Watch Gideon's "Still Alive" Lyric Video

Gideon's new album, Milestone, is available now via Facedown Records. Pick up the album at this link.