Those lovable blasphemers Ghost B.C. allowed cameras into their quarters, both onstage and beyond, for their new, visually gripping 'Monstrance Clock' video.

In the clip that just debuted via Noisey, we see the band backstage, preparing and putting on their cassocks for their performance. We see lines of diehard disciples of the band wrapped around the block of venues, waiting to get in and to see the spectacle. We see metal's pontiff, A Nameless Ghoul, performing, exerting his will and power over the crowd and doing things that generally piss off right wingers and fundamentalists.

The video is visually arresting -- and not just because there is a hot blonde dancing on the side of the stage. The look is as key as the sound when it comes to Ghost B.C.

It's a wonderful representation of what you can expect if you shell out some cash on a ticket to one of their black masses aka concerts.

Disclaimer: No virgins were sacrificed during the making of the Ghost B.C. 'Monstrance Clock' video.