GenitorturersSo many bands have incorporated visuals and subversive imagery -- hello, Rammstein -- into their live shows, but Florida's Genitorturers have been doing so for quite some time, with vixen Gen behaving like quite the dominatrix and hellion on stage! Things haven't changed much for the Genitorturers, on record or in the live arena.

As the band gets ready for the release of 'Blackheart Revolution' today, Gen told Noisecreep, "With this new album and music definitely comes the opportunity for a myriad of new show elements. Genitorturers are extremely excited to venture out on tour this fall and bring the concept of 'Blackheart Revolution' to life on stage." Speaking of which, the band's 'Blackheart Revolution' tour kicks off Nov. 5 in Tampa.

Every Genitorturers album is highly conceptual, with a storyline that is well-written and, of course, a little sexually charged. The live shows are an extension of that concept, and Gen is giving fans a reason to pony up the cash for a ticket. "There is a new chapter in an ongoing storyline," the vocalist said. "Our shows, content-wise, are tailored to the type of event and club and we do push the limits in each setting! Our last CDs, 'Sin City' and 'Flesh is the Law' opened up a new world where attendees could explore the darker sides of their psyche and sexuality, and even, at times, participate in some of the antics!"

Gen elaborated a bit more on the concept, saying, "'Blackheart Revolution' follows the near destruction and persecution of lead villainess, Gen. As much as Eve was blamed for the downfall and the sins of man, Gen must now bear the punishment for what she is perceived to have created. The transformation that results following this loss, however, only strengthens the power of resolve into a more powerful opponent against the powers that be. How the story ends depends on which city, what town and what exciting participants are ready to give up a little bit of themselves that eve! Any takers? We will see you at the show to find out!"